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No matter how far you may travel from AITS, the Alumni Association is here to help you stay connected to AITS. In cooperation with the Office of Alumni Engagement, it is our goal to inform, interest, and involve you in alumni activities

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As an Alumni of AITS, you can access support from the AITS at any stage in your career, wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re searching for your first job, considering a career change or simply want to network with others in your industry, we have a range of services to help.

Job Notifications

AITS ALUMINI Effectively advertises job openings means making the most of your time, effort and money. Ultimately, you want to fill the job opening with the most qualified candidate. The best ways to do that will also enable you to fill the job in a timely manner.

Workshops & Guest lectures

Participating in an event or workshop can be an exciting way to strengthen your relationship with current clients, establish new relationships and further develop yourself in your area of business and career. Our AITS Alumni helps you done this more Effectively.

Financial Support

financial resources will be provided to make some project possible; "the AITS ALUMINI support for the experiment" financial backing, funding, backing, support. resource - available source of wealth; a new or reserve supply that can be drawn upon when needed. You can also donate funds to this foundation trust and we will make it use for the needy students.


AITS-Alumni connects you to your AITS friends and members easily and it will make you keep in touch for ever. Often describes the amount of social, cultural, or economic, connectivity. Distribution arrangement of features in space; three main properties: density, concentration, pattern. Cultural ecology.

Life Time Membership

AITS ALUMINI membership is an lifetime membership. It is your id for life time.

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Byadmin Dec 10, 2016

AITS Annual Alumni Meet on 11.12.2016

Alumni Meet ...... You are specially Invited On 11.12.2016 the Sunday Time : 10.00 AM onwards Programme: Talks , Cultural events, Magic Show,J

Byadmin Dec 10, 2016

AITS Alumni Meet 2015

AITS Alumni association would like to organize an AITS Alumni Anual Meet 2015 on 13th Dec' 2015. The Meet is now a major event anticipated by bot

Byadmin Dec 10, 2016

Rahul Contribution

We are very much thankful to you for remembering your Alma mater and hope to have buy jerseys online cheap incessant communication from you. I

Byadmin Dec 10, 2016

Awareness Programme on SAP Technology

AITS Alumni Association organized “Awareness Programme on SAP Technology” to IV B.Tech ECE, CSE & IT students by Esteemed Alumnus Mr. RAJ